I was asked to do a CD-Cover for photos from a trip to Corsica, the gorgeous french island, with great food...

WSD - Wszystko ma początek, Everything has it's own beginning. What a pity that the album wasn't recorded...

More ...

CD-cover for my photos from Ireland. Can you see the perv lemur holding his ... tail :)... ?

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Welcome everyone who wished to visit my website. Here you can admire my
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made for fun, quickly without any preparation. Judge it yourself, which are
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22 Nov 2007
Today for the first time the whole site was put in the Internet. Some of the content might be a little bit old, but in the nearest time I will update it. You can find the latest 'Sami z Siebie' song in Downloads. There are some other mp3s and one video. Some day there will be a KMT Player on which you would watch movies and videos without downloading it on your computer. Nevertheless it will be on the site soon enough.

Merry xmas