Sami z Siebie - Czas tak szybko mija
The latest song of Sami z Siebie. It's a story about their life, about my life too, because I grew up with them, so my memories are their memories. This song can make adult people cry. How will it be in your case ... ? (All words in Polish... Sorry.... :P)

d( ,^ ^)b LightMoon d(^ ^, )b   Logo.
A picture made for my friend's music squad. They're making their own music, such as trance, progressive-trance and all other similar music types. For more details visit: www.myspace.com/lightmoon2
Added: 07.12.2007 r..

Sami z Siebie - Report and Videoclip
This is not really a downloadable clip. You can watch it on You Tube. It's a report of a Polish, Silesian Squad which is quite famous, there where they live. Find out your self :).
Added: 24.11.2007 r.

sUodki & sMp - Konfidenci
Track in which my friends - sMp and sUodki - are saying the truth about some of the people who they know. All those confidants and all the things they did are meantioned here (No names included).
Added: 21.11.2007 r.

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