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(with The Tongue)
In my pictures you can see a different KMT Logo...
  • Making pictures and CD Covers.
  • Producing movies and short videos.
  • Bringing to life new ideas and concepts.
  • Writing scripts and scenarios.
HOME Entertanment Studios
When making movies or videos I put The HES logo in the upper left corner. If you saw it in a film that means                          I have one admirer more ;)...

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If I'm looking for inspiration I just look   around and it comes by itself. If I want to make a film, I observe other people, their behavior when they are under pressure and
when they are themselves. Sometimes I use my own experience to write something in the scenario.
Sami z Siebie Report (Video)
A report of Sami z Siebie which took trouble to do, but we managed and it was relised. You can watch it on You Tube. The adress you can find in Downloads.
Sami z Siebie (Website)
Website of Sami z Siebie. The group just started their career in Ruda Śląska, Silesia, Poland. They are really good in that what they do. Find out yourself, visit their website:
sMp - Znów na Ringu (CD Cover)
CD-Cover for a rapper sMp. It was made quickly without any plan and without any preparation.You can download the album tracks from:
Merry xmas